Le Wavreumont - fromage bio

Le Wavreumont

Wavreumont is the fruit of a region of pastureland that produces some of the best milk available. It’s a region with a monastic tradition, where the people have a sense of a job well done and a concern for rural development. It’s also a region renowned for the expertise of its craftsmen.This combination results in a cheese of exceptional quality.

Wavreumont is produced from high quality unpasteurised organic milk. It is available in ± 21 cm diameter rounds weighing approximately 2.1 kg. Its natural rind gives it a colour typical of monastic cheeses.

The colour of the cheese varies with the seasons - pale in winter and an orangey yellow colour in spring when the cows return to the lush pastures of the Ardennes. It has a fresh flavour and its nutty aftertaste will delight connoisseurs.

Type de fromage Emballage Format
Pâte pressée +/- 2,1 kg 21 x 6,5 cm