Le petit Lathuy - fromage bio

Le petit Lathuy

The PETIT LATHUY is an organic creamy cheese made from cow’s raw milk only.

It is presented in a round small wheel with a diameter of 12 cm, 3 cm thick and weighs approximately 300 grams.

Its white rind crust is composed of mould spores, which grow during the ripening process in the cellar, and it is identical to that of the Camembert. It is a delicate cheese with a supple and creamy texture.

It is lightly salted. Its fat content is 45 to 50% with regard to dry substance.

This cheese was awarded the “Coq de Cristal” at the agricultural festival of Libramont in 2004, as well as the prize of the Walloon Cheese contest at Château d’Harzé in 2005.

Type de fromage Emballage Code EAN Format Code EAN colisage par 6 Dimensions tray Groupage / palette
Pâte molle à croûte fleurie +/- 300 g 5413444100062 Ø12 cm x h 3cm 5413444100666 275 x 125 x 125mm 6 x 4 x 8 colis=
192 colis