Riz au lait vanille - bio

Vanilla rice pudding

Pasteurised vanilla rice pudding made with white short-grain rice and whole grain rice. The whole grain rice gives the pudding lots of nutritional value.

Vanilla purée gives the product flavour whilst maintaining a healthy balance of sugar. Soft and flavoursome, with a comforting texture. The grains of rice are tender thanks to gentle cooking. Sold in a 150g sealed glass jar.

Type of dessert Packaging EAN code Dimension Dimensions tray Grouping/pallet
Riz au lait vanille
150 g - Bioferme
Bocal et opercule
5413444400018 Ø 5.5 h 9 cm 26.2 * 12.0 * 10.7 6 x 4 x 8 packs= 192 packs