The Cheese Factory

Created in 1996, the Fromagerie des Ardennes bought the cheese maker Bioferme in 1998, situated in Lathuy and famed for the quality of its ORGANIC PRODUCTS. The increasingly stringent European health standards force the cheese factory to buy a building better suited to the activities pursued; that is why it acquired the “7 Days” building in Werbomont in 2001. This charming village is situated in the heart of the Ardennes, in a region where the rural and agricultural world is still very much present.

Thanks to a number of local farmers producing milk of a remarkable quality, the cheese factory is now in a position to offer a wider range of dairy products; raw milk cheese, fromages blancs, fresh curd cheese, yogurts, fresh cream and butter.

Thanks to a modern technique applied with traditional methods and the use of selected lactic yeasts, the products made by the Fromagerie des Ardennes develop exceptional taste qualities, as witnessed by the numerous prizes that they have received, namely; the Coqs de Cristal in the context of the agricultural show in Libramont, gold medals in the Belgian cheese competitions of the Château d’Harzé, gold and silver medals in the Fromawall competition in Namur, …

Fromagerie - Paturage de vache laitiere Ardenne Belge, ferme bio.