Le Léger de Lathuy - fromage bio

Le Léger de Lathuy

Traditional soft bloomy-rind cheese. Produced from high quality unpasteurised organic milk.

Main characteristics:

• Belgian cheese (Lathuy is a small village in Walloon Brabant).

• Produced using unpasteurised cow’s milk.

• 25% fat content in dry matter, i.e. 12 grams of fat per 100 grams of cheese.

• Very smooth “light” style cheese.

• Pale cheese due to the fact that it is very low in fat

Type de fromage Emballage Code EAN Format Code EAN colisage par 6 Dimensions tray Groupage / palette
Pâte molle à croûte fleurie +/- 300 g 5413444 30001+c Ø12 cm x h 3cm 5413444 30006+c 275 x 125 x 125mm 6 x 4 x 8 colis=
192 colis