Les Yaourts Brassés bio

Yoghurt brewed

LA FROMAGERIE DES ARDENNES MANUFACTURES a living yoghurt of the «stirred» kind. It is preservative-free and thickening agent-free.

For good health and a better digestion, a ferment of the type „Bifidus Actif“ (Bifidobacterium) is added to the standard ferments. This one is recognised for its contribution to the balance of the intestinal flora.

- LOW-FAT YOGHURT is manufactured from skimmed milk. Its fat content does not exceed 0.5%. It is particularly recommended in dietary food, due to its quite low energy value. It is packaged either in a non-returnable glass jar of 150 g, a returnable glass jar of 500 g or a plastic bucket of 5 litres.

- FULL-FAT YOGHURT is manufactured from full-fat milk. It contains 3.5% of fat, which gives it an even more delicious flavour. It is available in a non-returnable glass jar of 150 g, a returnable glass jar of 500 g and a plastic bucket of 5 litres.

- FRUIT YOGHURTS (COQ DE CRISTAL 1999 LIBRAMONT). It is manufactured from half-skimmed milk and contains 3% fat. Seven types of fruits are currently available in a non-returnable glass jar of 150 g: STRAWBERRY, RASPBERRY, APRICOT, BLUEBERRY, CHERRY, VANILLA AND FIG. Four flavours in a returnable glass jar of 200 g: STRAWBERRY, RASPBERRY, APRICOT, BLUEBERRY.

These fruit preparations are manufactured from the top-of-the-range organic fruits and are used at the rate of 15% in yoghurt. They are colouring-free, preservative-free and artificial flavouring-free.

Type de yaourt Conditionnement Code EAN Code EAN colisage par 8
nature entier 500 g 541344202001 -
150 g 5413444202100 5413444202186
nature maigre 500 g 541344201004 -
150 g 5413444201103 5413444201189
entier fraise 200 g 5411135000066 -
150 g 5413444200106 5413444200182
entier framboise 200 g 5411135000073 -
150 g 5413444200403 5413444200489
entier abricot 200 g 5411135000059 -
150 g 5413444200205 5413444200281
entier myrtille 200 g 5411135000097 -
150 g 5413444200304 5413444200380
entier cerise 150 g 5413444200601 5413444200687
entier vanille 150 g 5413444200502 5413444200588
entier figue 150 g 5413444200700 5413444200786