Bioferme aux 3 laits - fromage bio

3-milk Bioferme

"3-milk BIOFERME" organic cheese, made from a mixture of ewe‘s, cow‘s and goat's cheese. An orange, natural rind cheese with original flavours.

A typical, powerful-tasting cheese that perfectly balances the influence of each type of milk. Its texture that brims with different flavours will surprise you with its rustic character and the authentic taste of its terroir.

Weight: ± 2.2 kg, 21 cm in diameter, 7 cm in height.

Type de fromage Emballage Code EAN Format Dimensions colis
(L * l * h) (cm)
Groupage / palette
Bioferme aux 3 laits Etiquette papier,
feuille paraffinée
/ Φ21 h7 / /