Maquée & Yaourt de chèvre bio

Maquee & yoghurt - goat’s cheese

Maquee goat’s cheese 125 g, plain:

Like our other pasteurised fromage blancs, this cheese is produced using traditional methods with the help of modern technology.

The curds are not processed mechanically but drained naturally in a cotton bag. Can be enjoyed plain or with fresh fruit, some crumbled biscuit or with fresh herbs and spices.

Produced from pasteurised whole goat’s milk, our Bioferme maquée is packaged in 125 g packs. It has a fat content of 25% / dry weight. It is a great alternative to products made from cow’s milk.

Goat’s cheese yoghurt 125 g, plain:

Made from pasteurised goat’s milk. Fruit or jam can be added as desired. A light yoghurt with a fresh taste and a velvety texture.

A great alternative to products made from cow’s milk.

Sold in packaging that has a limited impact on the environment; a very fine layer of plastic reinforced with supportive cardboard, components that can be separated for recycling.

Type de fromage Emballage Code EAN Format Dimensions colis
(L * l * h) (cm)
Groupage / palette
Maquée de chèvre
125 g - Bioferme
Ravier, couvercle,
opercule plastiques
5413444700088 L 11.2*l 8.6* h 2.6 26.2* 12.0* 10.7 24 colis de 6 pièces / 8 couches.
Soit 192 colis max.
Yaourt de chèvre
125 g - Bioferme
Fin pot plastique
avec renfort carton
et opercule
5413444200809 Φ 5.5 h 9 29.0* 15.0* 7.0 20 colis de 8 pièces / 6 couches.
Soit 120 colis max.