Le Chèvre de Wavreumont - fromage bio

Le Chèvre de Wavreumont

The CHÈVRE DE WAVREUMONT is an organic cheese with a natural crust that has a semi-hard white texture.

A cheese of a monastic tradition, it features the cheese of abbeys, its ageing lasts 4 weeks. Goat’s milk gives a mixture of flavours and aromas to cheese, which are the base of this subtle taste, typical of goat farming products.

The colour of its crust results from a great deal of care that is given to it and to the specific ambiance of the ageing cellars.

It is round and has a diameter of +/- 21 cm and it weighs approximately 2.2 kg.

Type de fromage Emballage Format
Pâte pressée +/- 2,2 kg Ø21 cm x h 7cm