The milk's quality and origin;

Situated in the heart of the Belgian Ardennes, at Werbomont, the Fromagerie des Ardennes, gathers the milk in the neighbouring organic farms. The milk is gathered at a short distance at a rate of 3 pick-ups per week, which means it is ultra fresh. As they are raised on the meadow, the cows give the milk an exceptionally delicious taste.

The organic unpasteurized milk is used for the production of our soft cheeses and solid cheeses with a natural crust. White cheeses, fresh cheeses, yoghurts are made from pasteurized milk, and rice pudding. The Bioferme range of organic milk products is completed by whipped cream with 42 % fat/dry matter and butter.

The main principles of bio;

Organic agriculture is governed by European guidelines (CEE 834/2007 and 889/2008).

The intention of these standards is to apply the best practices in favour of:

  • the environment, the preservation of the biodiversity and natural resources,
  • the wellbeing of the animals;
  • sufficient breeding space,
  • animal feed with the food itself coming from organic agriculture,
  • the prioritization of mild medicines such as homeopathy to take care of the animal if needed.
  • high quality products obtaining which does not cause damage to the environment nor health.

Organic agriculture guarantees that no chemical products obtained through synthesis and GMO are used.

The transformation to bio uses specific methods which do not change the nature of the products;

  • exhaustive list of authorized additives and preservatives,
  • prohibition of chemical colouring agents obtained through synthesis,
  • prohibition of the ionization of products.

The Fromagerie des Ardennes sells organic products controlled by a certifying institute of organic agriculture and disposes of a certificate mentioning the organic products it may sell.

The demands concerning food safety:

Since 2005, the small and medium enterprises in foodstuffs must meet the demands of a standard to supply the segment of Belgian large-scale distribution.

This Standard, named « Fedis Food  for SMEs » is inspired on the BRC Standard, known worldwide in the food market.

The goals set are on the one hand to succeed in a standardized audit realized through the bias of an independent certifying organism and on the other hand to let the small and medium enterprises assess their performances in the field of quality and food safety in order to evolve towards a better management of these two parameters.

The auditor essentially assesses the basic principles of the HACCP system and the quality system, the coherent implementation of the legal demands, the correct application of production and hygiene in the enterprise. Once a year, the Fromagerie des Ardennes is subject to this audit to obtain a certificate.